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Caipy Partners

  • Akamai's Octoshape video distribution suite had been integrated for live ad detection and signaling with Caipy.
  • Amazon Web Services is a leading provider of scalable elastic compute resources. Caipy's SyncServer 4.2 runs within Amazon's EC2 and scales seamlessly to peak load.
  • Anevia's NEA time-shift video server and Caipy are integrated to enable Replay TV of Caipy SharpStart.
  • Broadpeak's origin server and Caipy are integrated to enable SharpStart for time-shifted play.
  • Edgeware's Orbit and Caipy are integrated to enable Ad Replacement in time-shifted content.
  • Elemental Technologies' Delta video server and Caipy are integrated to enable Replay TV with Caipy SharpStart.
  • Ericsson's VSPP and Caipy are integrated to enable nDVR and Replay TV for SharpStart and Ad Replacement.
  • Harmonic Inc is a leading provider of video solutions, the live TV recognition of Caipy enables time-shifted playback from Harmonic's ProMedia origin. Harmonic ProView IRD's and Harmonic's IP video encoders provide validated input to Caipy ChannelServer 3.0.

About Caipy

Caipy is the service brand of PreciseStatistics GmbH, an independent German company. The Caipy name is used universally since 2013. Caipy is fresh, young, and easy to remember, while PreciseStatistics is impossible to type.

Since November 2013, Caipy repositioned as business intelligence in Media and provides the most precise and fastest real-time intelligence in the industry. Veterans from mobile, security, and broadcast were attracted and joined Caipy. The company decided to pursue an indirect distribution model with partners and representatives.

PreciseStatistics has its root in research and was founded by Professor Dr. Ernst W. Biersack and students in 2004 in order to commercialize research on scalable algorithms for communication with an audience size of Millions that was conducted for several years. The initial work on the topic was published 1999 in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, and had as a nice by product a very fast and precise way of obtaining an audience estimate. This work was subsequently together with Chuanhai Liu, Professor of Statistics Purdue University. While PreciseStatistics GmbH continued fundamental research: Since 2004, it never again published results, only finalized products or services that people can opt to buy are made public.

The primary reason for not publishing methods, apparatus, or algorithms used in PreciseStatistics' products is to maintain our leading edge and not to give results away to competition. All employees or contracted service companies of PreciseStatistics have a Non-Disclosure agreement executed with the company and only few key people are enabled to change the algorithmic core of the products.