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  • Real-Time Ad Detection and Notification.

  • Interactive Ads accessible via Remote Control or Mobile.

  • Content Rights Monitoring on TV and Web to track theft and royalties.

Caipy ChannelServer

The Caipy ChannelServer 4.3 enables Caipy’s advertisement detection for live TV and on-demand video. Each ChannelServer takes input of live TV channels or on-demand files and transcodes to Caipy’s proprietary CAI format for Caipy’s cloud-based content discovery.

The Caipy ChannelServer 4.3 has an easy to use admin interface that enables management of all aspects, such as changing input sources, and output. Each ChannelServer takes input of up to 20 TV channels in either UDP, RTP for Multicast or HLS and transcodes live feeds in real-time into Caipy’s proprietary CAI format for content discovery and detection by the Caipy SyncServer.

Product Datasheet

Caipy SyncServer

The second generation of Caipy SyncServer enables automatic content recognition for live TV. Caipy SyncServer is built for scalable, fault-tolerant deployment and scales elastically with peak-load. Caipy SyncServer 4.3 is powered by input streams from ChannelServers coming in either Multicast or Unicast.

Performance of a single Caipy SyncServer 4.3 instance
  • Parallel real-time ad detection up to 5000 ads with a single core.
  • 100 requests/sec peak load of parallel API requests
  • More than 8 Million requests per day (running at peak load).